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About the Sound Defense K9 Warning Device a Dog Repellent

The Sound Defense K9 Warning Device is designed to help people who ride a bicycle, recumbent bike, or fitness walkers, runners, or joggers to keep a safe distance from aggressive dogs.  The K9 Warning Device is a hand held electronic dog repellent product offering patent pending technology in a dog deterrent sound device of high impact plastic that emits a very loud, audible signal specifically designed for a dog, it focuses in on a dog’s sensitive hearing range, a dog repeller. The K9 Warning Device includes a pocket clip and its accessories include the Bicycle Attachment, so bicycle and recumbent bike riders can keep the Sound Defense K9 Warning Device on their bike at all times, and a Utility Holster for rugged conditions.

Signal Specifically Designed for a Dog: Sound focuses in on the sensitive hearing range of the dog, a dog repeller sound

•Dog Repellent Sound is Fully Audible and Loud: You know when it’s on and it might serve to alert others to the situation, it is not silent like a dog whistle

•Chemical Free: No over spray or blowback, not a dog pepper spray

•Can be used from a distance: Does not require the close contact necessary with physical threats

•Easily Operated: Does not require precise aim- wide “Beam Angle”

•Humane: Does not harm the dog when used as directed

•Convenient: Sound Defense dog repellent is lightweight, compact, easily attaches and detaches from your belt or bike

•Reliable: Weather resistant, durable and holds up to rough handling.

•Safe: Designed to help those who ride a bicycle, recumbent bike, fitness walker, or jog to keep a safe distance from aggressive dogs. Bicycle and recumbent riders can use the Sound Defense dog repellent without taking their eyes off the road ahead. It is functional in any orientation.

•Re-usable: The dog repellent device is battery operated and there are no contents to expire, no propellant is used.

The Sound Defense K9 Warning Device is not an ultrasonic product, it is a fully audible and loud, hand held, dog repellent device. If you want to purchase something for a barking dog nuisance, the K9 Warning Device is not it, but if you would like to help keep aggressive dogs at a safe distance, are concerned about aiming and blowback from pepper spray for dogs, please read on.