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Does your morning bike ride or run feel like a risky foray into some strange new world populated by aggressive chasing dogs? Does each surprise dog attack leave you wildly trying to figure out what to do next time? Do you need a dog deterrent device? How do you find the right dog deterrent? Dog deterrents can take many forms and have different uses. If you need help keeping aggressive dogs at a safe distance try the K9 Warning Device. If you need help keeping chasing dogs at a safe distance try a Sound Defense®. Research defined the development of the Sound Defense K9 Warning Device. It offers patent pending technology in a hand-held dog deterrent. Please click above to learn the difference between an ultrasonic dog deterrent and an audible dog deterrent.



What will work best for you? Would a dog repellent be best? Is a dog deterrent better for your issue? When looking for something to help keep aggressive dogs at a safe distance people search for either a dog repellent or dog deterrent. The terms mean the same thing for most people.  They mean the same thing when talking to most manufacturers too. So which is the correct term? It seems to be the product itself that makes a difference. If a product uses a liquid or foam type mixture that repels a dog by irritation, smell or taste, then it is often referred to as a dog repellent. Dog Deterrents are often products that are electromechanical in nature.  These deter by sound or touch.  It is a little confusing. If you are looking for a hand held dog repellent device that helps keep aggressive dogs at a safe distance for use while bicycle/recumbent bike riding or walking/running check out the K9 Warning Device. Click the link above to read the differences between a spray repellent and a hand held dog repellent device such as the Sound Defense K9 Warning Device.

Aggressive Dogs

You’ve heard the old saying: a dog’s bark is worse than its bite.  No one wants to find out if the dog’s bark is worse than its bite though.  If you live in the USA, your chance of meeting a dog that is acting aggressively is on the rise.   Your chance of running into a dog that looks like he might bite is on the rise too. Recent trends show a growing participation in outdoor sports and fitness activities. The American pet population is also on the rise. When you put these two things together, you have a potentially dangerous mix for bicycle and recumbent bike riders, walkers and runners. Each year as these statistics increase the chance that you will come across an aggressive dog, and as a result, be exposed to a potential dog bite increases.


Welcome to the Sound Defense® K9 Warning Device website!

Welcome to the website for Sound Defense, LLC the manufacturer of the Sound Defense K9 Warning Device. The only patent pending dog deterrent device that sounds within the dog’s sensitive hearing range and has been designed to help those who ride a bike, recumbent bike, walk and run, keep a safe distance from aggressive dogs.

Sound Defense® differentiates itself from other dog repellent and dog deterrent devices by designing and manufacturing the only canine warning device that employs a signal specifically designed for a dog that sounds within the dog’s sensitive hearing range. The K9 Warning Device has been formed to allow for easy access and use by outdoor enthusiasts. It is sought after and used by people around the world.

If you have any questions, we would like to hear from you our contact form can be found here.