Can You Stop a Dog Attack

Can You Stop a Dog Attack?

A dog attack can cause serious injury.  In extreme cases, it could even become fatal. Prevention is the best way to stop a dog attack.

It is obvious from the information provided in the study below that people regularly exposed to dogs outside should not rely on the owner to prevent an attack.   Not every owner will provide the type of adequate care that is likely to reduce or stop a dog attack.

Prevention is worth a pound of cure in stopping a dog attack. Take caution around any dog that appears aggressive. Never approach an unknown dog. Wear loose clothing or layered clothing when outdoors. Complete outdoor activities  before dusk and after dawn when possible.  Dogs, coyotes and wolves hunt at these times due to instinct. Carrying an audible dog deterrent can be an extremely effective method to overwhelm and stop a dog.  The Sound Defense is designed to deter an aggressive dog.  It also has the added benefit of creating a distress signal that can alert others to your urgent situation.  Tell somebody where you are going and when to expect you back so that somebody knows if you don’t make it back.

Quality training paired with a few preventative actions can lead to a reduction in attacks. A study published in the Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association lays out the details below.  The study found several co-occurring factors within the owner’s control.

Circumstances that Led to a Dog Bite:

• No people available to intervene.
• The victim was not a family member.
• The dog was not spayed or neutered.
• The owner kept the dogs as resident dogs, instead of as family pets.  -Resident dogs frequently live alone outside. Family dogs experience positive human interaction.
• The owner mismanaged the dog.
• There was evidence of owner abuse or neglect.

The study also found that breed is not a good indicator of whether a dog could be involved in an dog attack. It is not an indicator of how likely a dog is to act aggressively.  Further, breed is not an indicator of how likely a dog is to act on its prey drive or protective instinct.  Correct identification of breed was unreliable in 80 percent of the cases studied as it is extremely difficult to identify breed correctly in mixed breed dogs.

It never hurts to be prepared especially if you work or exercise outdoors.  As mentioned above, carrying an audible dog deterrent while outdoors, wearing loose clothing, considering the time of day and letting somebody know where you are and when to expect you back are all actions that can help you be prepared.  Audible dog deterrents are designed to intimidate and overwhelm an aggressive dog.  It also acts as a distress signal.  A distress signal alert’s others nearby. A cell phone most likely will not help during an attack.  You can use a cell phone to call for help after if needed.

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