When Are People Most Susceptible to Dog Attacks?

outdoor view of neighborhood street at dawn

This neighborhood looks peaceful at dawn but dogs, coyotes, and wolves are more likely to be out and active at dawn and dusk. If exercising at these hours go prepared.

When Are People Most Susceptible to Dog Attacks?

Dog attacks are an inherent risk of being outdoors, but there are certain times of day when that risk is highest.

People outdoors at dawn and dusk are at higher risk for dog bites or animal attacks. This is because all dogs, including wolves or coyotes, are actively looking for prey at dawn and dusk. Many domesticated dogs still carry this instinctual trait.

The differences in temperature between the air and the ground (frequently common at dawn and dusk) stir up scents that have traditionally helped canines find their prey. This assists their ability to hunt at those times.

Keep this in mind as you pass homes where an aggressive animal may be outside. Sometimes fences or leashes aren’t enough to contain a determined and aggressive animal.

How to Reduce the Risk of Dog Attacks

Many people exercise at dawn or dusk because it is the most convenient time for their family or work schedule. The summer weather can be cooler at these times as well. If your schedule can accommodate, the easiest way to reduce the possibility of dog attacks would be to find an alternate time to exercise or be outside, but that may not always be possible.

It’s good to be prepared for dog attacks no matter what time you are outdoors. But for those who are out at dawn or dusk, it can be increasingly important. There are ways to protect yourself.

Reflective gear, bright decals, and bright clothing are all good ideas outside of normal daylight hours. You are more likely to be seen, which enhances your overall safety. It is always a good idea to carry a cell phone and let others know that you are going, and what your intended path might be.

An audible dog deterrent, such as Sound Defense, designed to repel dogs, coyotes or wolves, is an extremely effective method. These deterrents give off an audible signal designed to be intimidating, overwhelming and repulsive to dogs. It can also serve as a distress signal, and alert others to your situation so they might be able to help. You can order yours at our shop.