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The Problems With Using Pepper Spray for Dogs

Many joggers and cyclists purchase pepper spray to repel any dogs that chase after them when they exercise outdoors. These outdoor enthusiasts assume that the product is safe and that it will effectively hold the dog off.

However, pepper spray isn’t legal in all states, and it comes with several downsides that make it a problematic choice for repelling dogs and reducing dog attacks. Below, we’ll talk about why pepper spray isn’t the most effective choice and what types of products you can choose instead.

What Are Some Problems With Pepper Spray?

Pepper spray is dangerous for a few key reasons, including the following.

Pepper Spray Isn’t Legal in All 50 States

Before you invest in pepper spray, you should check to see if your state allows you to carry it. Pepper spray is completely banned in some states and heavily regulated in others. Regardless of where you live, you aren’t allowed to bring pepper spray into the cabin on any flights—it’s considered a banned substance in carry-on luggage by the TSA. You can’t carry your pepper spray in your carry-on onto commercial flights.

Pepper Spray Relies on Compressed Gas

Like other aerosols, pepper spray works because the contents in the canister are under high pressure. However, you can’t tell how much compressed air remains in the canister. If you’ve used your pepper spray before, you won’t know that you’ve run out of spray or air until it’s too late.

Contents under pressure also have to be held a certain way to work. Your pepper spray won’t function unless you hold the bottle completely straight and upright. The pepper spray might stop working if you leave it out in the heat for too long, or the heat could increase the pressure inside the bottle and cause it to explode.

Pepper Spray Can Hurt You

When you use a canister of pepper spray, some of the spray inevitably blows back onto you, and you’ll quickly learn that pepper spray is quite painful. Plus, it’s difficult to aim a canister of pepper spray while you’re in motion. If you’re biking or jogging, you’ll have a more difficult time deploying your pepper spray and accurately aiming it at the animal.

What Other Options Do You Have?

If you want a more humane solution to dog attacks, you can try our Sound Defense, which uses sonic waves to keep dogs away. This solution is much less dangerous than pepper spray to both the dog and the user. Feel free to learn more about our products, and call us at 855-768-6311 to ask any questions!

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