Spray Dog Deterrents

The Problem with Spray Dog Deterrents

Using spray dog deterrents can lead to chemicals or irritants in users eyes.

Using spray dog deterrents for protection can lead to chemicals or irritants in users eyes, difficulty aiming -a thin stream or spray has to make contact for it to be effective, and difficulty with leaking and expiring contents.

Safety is an important factor for anyone who spends a significant amount of time outside, and some people turn to spray dog deterrents for protection. There are basic problems with this approach though.

Joggers, bikers, mailman, meter readers, lineman workers and others can frequently be approached by loose dogs, and some may be more aggressive than others. It’s generally a good idea to be prepared and make sure you have a strategy for protecting yourself.

Spray dog deterrents, such as pepper spray, are available options. The impulse to go in this direction is understandable. However, there are some basic problems with these forms of spray dog deterrents that should be addressed.

Consider the Type of Spray

Does your spray come in a stream or cone form? This is an important consideration that people carrying a spray dog deterrent may not be able to answer. The distinction matters.

The difference is similar to a garden hose nozzle. As you turn the nozzle, the stream is a more forceful, direct spray. This is the stream. Keep turning the nozzle, and the spray is less forceful and widens in scope. This is a cone effect.

Let’s consider a few scenarios to understand the impact. If you are riding a bicycle with an aggressive dog closing in on you, the last thing you’ll want to do is stop or slow down. The motion of the bike makes the blowback from a spray dog deterrent a risk, whichever type of spray you have. But if you spray a cone stream in front of you on a bicycle, you may find yourself riding directly through a lingering cloud of pepper spray.

You don’t have to be on a bike for this to be a problem. Spraying something on a breezy day can blow it directly back at you. Even with the best intentions, you may find yourself operating in a cloud of spray dog deterrent.

The outdoor elements can also make this a problem with a stream spray if you’re moving fast enough, or if the wind is whipping. There are better solutions out there.

Spray Dog Deterrents Can Have Harsh Impact

People carry pepper spray as a means for protecting against a human attacker, but it can have a similar impact on an aggressive dog. An animal sprayed with pepper spray is likely to feel the effects for about 45 minutes.

One problem with pepper spray is that it can burn a dog’s eyes. A dog that doesn’t progressively improve in the aftermath of the spray may require a trip to the emergency vet from the owner.

There are more humane solutions for protecting yourself from aggressive dogs.

An Audible Aggressive Dog Deterrent

An audible dog deterrent such as the Sound Defense system can stop attacks without causing the animal any suffering. The sound carries in an effective manner, no matter the weather conditions, or how fast you are moving during usage. The sound can also serve to alert others in the area, who may be able to help.

The bottom line is that spray dog deterrents are too unpredictable in the moments when you need to rely on them the most. If you are looking for a way to protect yourself from aggressive dogs, an audible deterrent provides a safer alternative for you and the dog.