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People who work and exercise outdoors.

Dog Deterrent for People who Work and Exercise Outdoors.

People who spend a lot of time outdoors or have outdoor jobs know that safety is paramount, and some form of aggressive dog deterrent is an essential part of enjoying the great outdoors safely. Chasing dogs may be pursuing for a number of reasons, such as expressing territorial aggression or even just plain curiosity. However, whether a canine intends to attack or not is rarely clear, and a person usually only has seconds to react. Yelling, clapping and posturing can work in isolated instances, but when they fail, the results can be devastating. Animal bites can break bones, shred ligaments and muscle and cause nasty infections. In some cases, the damage may be permanent. Fortunately, there is an easy and effective way to avoid a dog attack.

What forms of aggressive dog deterrent are out there?

Too many people ignore the threat of a chasing dog until they are faced with the situation, forcing them to rely on ineffective methods. Running, pedaling faster, yelling and attempting to look threatening are, instinctually, what people do when chased by an animal. In most cases, though, this will only activate the canine’s prey drive or make them attack, even when they otherwise wouldn’t.

In the interest of protecting people outdoors, many companies market aggressive dog deterrent products, but even these are only effective in certain situations.

For example, many rely on products that spray an irritant. These devices can fire a stream that reaches several feet out, and it behaves like pepper spray, scaring the animal away and making it difficult for them to see. The problem with this form of aggressive dog deterrent is that it is nearly impossible to use when it is windy and is difficult to aim. Blow back from the spray can be a problem. When under pressure, precisely aiming a jet of spray is easier said than done. Try to do it from the back of a bike, and it’s going to fail more often than not.

Other companies manufacture devices that produce ultrasonic tones, and these are designed to confuse the animal. While they are easier to aim than a spray, this forms of aggressive dog deterrent is not always effective. They use extremely high frequencies. As the frequency of a sound wave increases, its width shrinks resulting in a smaller beam angle than audible dog deterrent. The ultrasonic frequencies in these devices do not lie in the animal’s sensitive hearing range. Sounds outside an animals sensitive hearing range are quieter than those inside. Ultrasonic tones are in the frequency range of a whine or that of a small animal.

If people who exercise or work outdoors really want to know how to avoid a dog attack, they need look no further than the Sound Defense. The Sounds Defense is an aggressive dog deterrent that works with audible frequencies, all of them located in the canine’s sensitive zone. Because it uses lower frequencies, the Sound Defense is easier to aim than other products and can be engaged in any form of weather. It is also highly effective, turning away chasing dogs that are pursuing for whatever reason. In effect, the Sound Defense makes a person too intimidating and too alarming to pursue.

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