Why The Sound Defense Is A Great Aggressive Dog Repellent

Why The Sound Defense Is A Great Aggressive Dog Repellent

For someone who regularly engages in an outdoor activity, coming in contact with an aggressive dog is likely, and a reliable repellent may be the only thing that keeps them safe. A deterrent that is safe and humane for both man and beast hasn’t always been available. For a long time, people were told to act aggressively, strike the animal with a stick, make oneself appear larger, or just plain run. None of these methods were reliable at best.  Next came sprays and ultrasonic sound devices that claimed to be both harmless and effective. However, when the spray comes back into the users eyes rendering them momentarily unable to see, or the user couldn’t tell if the ultrasonic sound device was working because the high-frequency sound was inaudible, it left the marketplace wide open for some improvement. This is where Sound Defense gains traction and meets this need.

When someone encounters an aggressive dog, a repellent needs to be humane, safe, effective and reliable. Sound Defense products offer just this. It is a handheld product that emits an audible sound. Why is this important? If the user can hear it, they know in fact that it is working. They can also be sure that the canine can hear it. The way this aggressive dog repellent works is by the sound that comes from the device. The audible tones emitted are designed to overwhelm and intimidate the animal in pursuit, and it is intended to make the dog back off and run away.  It is humane because it does no harm to the oncoming canine. It is safe since there are no chemicals involved. This is also a benefit to the user. Since this is a sound product and not a spray, there is no concern of blow-back and it getting on the users face and in their eyes. It is durable and can withstand a hard drop. It can operate in inclement weather, which is a feat that other products cannot claim. It can also be used again and again. With a low-battery light on the device, the user will know when it’s time to replace the 9-volt battery.

Are there attachments for wider use of the Sound Defense aggressive dog repellent?

The original repellent comes with a clip attached, but there are two additional products available. There is a bicycle attachment that allows the product to be placed virtually anywhere on the bike’s frame that would give quick access for the user. There is also a utility holster for the original that can be worn on the left or right side, has a snap closure, and can be placed on a belt loop.

Who can benefit from a reliable aggressive dog repellent product?

This product is perfect for anyone who finds themselves regularly enjoying outdoor activities like walking, running or bicycling. However, many professions can utilize this product as well, like realtors, delivery persons, utility workers, and mail carriers to list a few.

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