How Is An Aggressive Dog Deterrent Used?

An effective aggressive dog deterrent will pay for itself the first time it wards off an animal in pursuit. Veteran cyclists and others that enjoy the great outdoors know that a chasing dog can appear out of nowhere and close in on a person in seconds. In most cases, a person will only have time to make a single decision, and that split-second decision will determine whether they walk away without a scratch, or suffer severe injuries that can last a lifetime.

There are a number of products that are marketed as an effective aggressive dog deterrent, but not all of them work particularly well. Weather and an unsteady hand will make it difficult to engage an irritant spray. An ultrasonic device uses short width sound waves that the animal can only perceive in a small area or a short distance. Both of these devices could be difficult to use when being chased by an animal.

The Sound Defense was made to counter these issue and uses audible frequencies that can be detected at a much greater distance and angle than other devices. The Sound Defense does not harm the animal, only confusing and disarming it with a series of shrill, audible tones. In most cases, the canine will immediately break off the chase and return to its territory.

Any biker or runner could be armed with Sound Defense, for the peace of mind it brings.

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