How Is The Sound Defense Aggressive Dog Repellent Effective?

What makes the Sound Defense an effective, aggressive dog repellent?

It is an effective product for multiple reasons. It is reliable. It can work in any kind of weather and does not need to be aimed directly at the canine. It has a low-battery light, so the user knows when to replace the 9-volt battery. Since it is an audible product, the user can be sure that it is working every time because they can physically hear it.

It is chemical free. Since it is a product that uses sound, there are no chemical sprays that can harm the canine and the user. There is also no concern for getting blow-back spray in the eyes or on the face.

It is durable. This repellent can withstand a significant drop and still operate properly.

It is easy to use. The K-9 Sound Defense aggressive dog repellent comes with a clip that is easy to attach to a belt loop, pocket or pant. They also offer a utility holster and a bicycle attachment for purchase. The bicycle attachment is made so that it can be placed almost anywhere the user needs it to be on the frame. The utility holster has a snap closure and can fit on a belt or clip easily. It also is made to wear on the left or right side.

How does the device work?

When the device is employed, there is an audible sound that is designed to overwhelm and  intimidate the canine, prompting them to turn around and stop their pursuit.

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