Choosing A Dog Deterrent For Joggers Or Bikers

If you are a jogger or a biker, you may not have thought about carrying a dog deterrent to ward off an attack by a dog running loose.

Many joggers and riders carry pepper spray with them in case of an attack. This might work on a human since it is often the case where someone is in close range when they initiate their attack. With a canine attacker, the visual of someone running quickly away from them can incite the animal’s instinct to chase after the “enemy” in order to protect their territory.

A dog deterrent can be in the form of a compact ultrasonic device that emits a noise that is not evident to the human ear. A good device, such as the one offered by Sound Defense, will have a wide enough range so the animal will hear it from a good distance. The idea is to keep the animal as far away as possible. The audible frequency is also better than a spray device because it will not irritate the animal’s eyes or nose. If it is windy, the spray device might not even reach the animal. An alternative to an ultrasonic approach is an audible device that is repulsive to dogs but does not harm the animal’s ears. Instead it startles them and breaks the chase.

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