What Is The Most Reliable Dog Repellent Device Available?

When it comes to a dog repellent, an audible sonic device is designed to be the most reliable and effective technology available. This approach to animal deterrence has only been around for a short time, but it is a vastly superior choice to ultrasonic and spray products. That’s because they activate in the animal’s sensitive hearing range and produce sound patterns that are repulsive to the canine. This creates confusion or alarm, or both, in the animal and it is designed to force them away from the user.

A dog repellent device has to work reliably, and it has to be easy to use. This is the sticking point for most technologies, as a charging canine is a difficult target to hit. Sprays have to strike the animal in the face, which can be nearly impossible in high winds or inclement weather, and ultrasonic products create narrow beams that only work in a small radius. Sonic deterrence, however, operates at lower frequencies and offers a wider sound beam. As a result, such products are much easier to use and can be fired even when an animal is charging down the user.

Ease of use is an essential component of a deterrent product, and products that are easy to operate will be more effective in the long run. That is a central design mark of audible sound deterrence, and why more people are switching to this method.

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