Searching For Effective Dog Repellent Devices

Dog repellent devices aren’t just for mailpersons anymore. People who are avid walkers and joggers, cyclists, and others whose professions take them outside on a regular basis are in search of humane and reliable ways to ward off aggressive canines. Unfortunately, it can be hard to determine a canine’s true intention until it’s too late, leaving many people with disfiguring scars or malformations and the animal being quarantined, or worse. No one wants this to happen, but it is often a sad result of the encounter.

Many products on the market claim to be effective as long as they are used according to the company’s specifications. And yes, this is true for a number of dog repellent devices, but many of these products have harmful chemicals or must be used in close proximity to the oncoming canine. And honestly, no one wants to get that close to an aggressive animal.

Sound Defense has created a product that meets these needs. Their proprietary, patent pending product is unique in that it affects the sensitive range of the canine’s hearing. There is no spray or harmful chemicals involved in the process of deterring the oncoming canine. All the user has to do is initiate the sound, and the pursuit is hopefully quickly stemmed. There is no worry about spray blow-back or the necessity of being in close proximity for effectiveness. The loud, audible sound will alert others in the area that harm is nearby. The lightweight defensive product also has a utility holster or bicycle attachment for carrying ease.

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