What Are The Benefits Of A Dog Repellent That Uses Sound?

For years, walkers, joggers, and bikers have been using a dog repellent technology that employs sound, though only at frequencies beyond human perception. Intuitively, it may make sense that the higher the frequency, the more deterred the canine will be. This doesn’t usually prove to be the case, though, and finding out the hard way can mean an extended hospital stay, nerve damage, disfiguring scars, and even life-threatening injuries in some instances.

Now, it’s possible to get a dog repellent that uses audible sound instead of imperceptible frequencies.   Sound Defense, in particular, produces tones in the canine’s sensitive range, so the animal will be caught by surprise as soon as the device is switched on. That’s why aggressive pursuit normally ends once a walker, biker or jogger fires the device. In just a couple seconds, what was once a rampaging canine is now confused or intimidated, ideally causing it to turn away. And because it doesn’t do any harm to the animal, the user doesn’t have to worry about hurting an innocent animal that’s just curious.

It works in rain or shine, clips to a bike frame or belt, and is the easiest deterrent to aim on the market, making it highly efficacious. That’s an impressive list of benefits, and something that other deterrent technologies can’t match.

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