What Is The Best Dog Repellent Sound Frequency?

The best dog repellent sound frequency is one that is audible and in dogs sensitive hearing range. This may seem contrary to what most people think. The market has been saturated with ultrasonic devices that claim to keep aggressive canines at bay. However, depending on the device, the reviews are not backing up these claims. Ultrasonic devices use a tone that falls far outside a dog’s sensitive hearing range, and outside the user’s natural hearing range. This can be an issue when the device is employed. If the user cannot hear the device operating, how can they be sure it is doing what it needs to do?

Sound Defense has created a patent pending dog repellent that uses a sound frequency that is audible to both the canine and the user. This means that the user will, in fact, know that it is on and working. The frequency used is emitted in a series of patterns that are intended to confuse the animal and make them stop their pursuit. This device does not require accuracy of aim either, so a bicyclist, walker or jogger never has to take their eyes off the road ahead of them. This increases the safety of the user, not just from the encroaching dog but also from any potential road hazards.

More people are enjoying the outdoors which means there is an increased need for a reliable canine deterrent. Thankfully, Sound Defense has the answer and offers a bicycle attachment and utility holster for easy carrying options.

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