Compare A Dog Repellent Using Ultrasonic Technology To Other Devices

A dog repellent using ultrasonic technology to function has been believed to be effective at turning away animals due to their extremely high sound frequencies. However, more and more people are finding this form of deterrence to be ineffective, and there’s no research to back these devices. Instead, more people are switching over to the Sound Defense, which uses audible tones designed to scare off aggressive canines.

Because it operates in a canine’s sensitive range, this device is designed to produce a faster response, and one that can scare the animal off. Like a dog repellent that uses ultrasonic technology, the Sound Defense is humane. Unlike ultrasonic devices, though, the Sound Defense is easy to aim and can even be used from the back of a bike. Ease of use is an essential trait in canine deterrence, as people have trouble aiming a device when an attacking animal is running them down.

The Sound Defense will also alert other people to the danger, something that alternative devices can’t do. This will allow others to get to safety, something that is extremely valuable when there are children around.

Audible sound tones are a new development in the area of canine deterrence, but it is already proving its worth with improved performance and better features.

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