Why Is A Dog Repeller With A Sound Device The Best Option?

The best dog repeller is usually a sound device that humanely and quickly repulses an attacking animal. Until recently, most forms of deterrence either used ultrasonic tones or sprays to chase away aggressive animals, but there can be issues with both. New technology, which primarily uses audible frequencies, solves most of the problems with outdated products while offering superior effectiveness and ease of use.

Sprays are difficult to aim and are considered less humane by many people. They are also nearly impossible to use in wind or rain. Ultrasonic products are designed largely on unproven science, and are also difficult to aim, given their narrow aiming angle. Both can also be spotty with their effectiveness. That’s because some animals are just not deterred by high-pitched frequencies and if the spray doesn’t make contact with the dog, it’s not going to have an effect.

A different kind of dog repeller, like a sound device that uses audible tones, is designed to offer the effectiveness that renders other options obsolete while preserving the user friendliness that people need while under attack. The Sound Defense, for example, activates the canine’s sensitive hearing zone, emitting patterns of tones that are designed to repulse the animal. This is humane, and because the frequencies are lower, they emit in a wider angle and are easier to aim. This allows people to use it from the back of a bike or while running, with no loss of control.

Safety is nothing to take for granted, and with the latest in animal deterrence, people won’t have to when they are outside.

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