Dog Repellers Come In Many Shapes And Sizes But Are Not All Equal

Dog repellers come in many shapes and sizes, and like many products that are available in so many forms, not all these devices are equally effective. For the longest time, sprays dominated the industry and are still fairly common. Ultrasonic devices came next and are still the most popular option for dealing with attacking animals. However, many people are switching to the Sound Defense because it is superior in nearly every way. It’s designed to be easier to use, more effective, faster acting, more humane, and more reliable.

The Sound Defense, unlike ultrasonic devices, uses frequencies audible to both the canine and the human. This not only helps the user determine that the device is working, it alerts others to the danger when used and can possibly save a life by grabbing others’ attention. And among dog repellers, the Sound Defense may be the fastest acting. In general, the animal will be frightened or disoriented in a second or two, and the extra time the device buys allows for more time to get away, which can make the difference between no injury and a bad injury.

The Sound Defense works so fast because it produces sounds in the canine’s sensitive range. While canines can hear beyond the human upper limit, not all animals will respond to ultrasonic frequencies in the way a walker or jogger needs them to.

Safety is not something that should be left up to chance. With the Sound Defense, a person who spends their time outdoors will have one less thing to worry about.

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