Which Version Of Electronic Dog Repellent Is Most Effective?

There are only a couple versions of an electronic dog repellent available, and only one has proven its effectiveness. Before powered devices, there were sprays, but they are difficult to use as a true defensive option. Unfortunately, the industry hasn’t really kept up with the needs of runners, bikers, and people who spend a lot of time outdoors. A prime reason why most people just hope they don’t run into an attacking animal. Those that do will have little recourse other than try to scare the animal off, but that doesn’t work reliably and may coerce the canine into attacking. It’s a significant safety issue, but, fortunately, the Sound Defense is providing families with the protection they need.

Electronic dog repellent is an improvement over spray deterrents in every way. Unlike sprays, powered devices are not affected by the weather and don’t have to be aimed precisely. Both of these issues have made sprays obsolete, which is why many have turned to ultrasonic and sonic devices instead. Ultrasonic devices, though, have their own problems. Namely, they have not shown to be effective with any aggressive animal.

The Sound Defense is proving to offer an effective alternative to previous safety options. This device uses audible tones in intimidating patterns to ward off attacking canines, and it is typically effective within a second or two. And because it is perceptible to the human ear, it will alert others to the threat as soon as it is activated. This makes the Sound Defense a superior option in every way, and the perfect initial line of protection from an attacking canine.

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