Outdoor Sport Enthusiasts Need Safety Against Dogs

Bikers, runners, walkers and other outdoor sport enthusiasts have to contend with a number of variables when enjoying their favorite sport. While most people think about the weather and traffic before heading out, many neglect to protect themselves from aggressive dogs, and this can be a big mistake. Large breed dogs are capable of causing massive injuries, and an encounter can even be fatal if the dog brings a person to the ground and attacks their face or neck. Deterring aggressive dogs, therefore, should be considered a top priority for those who enjoy outdoor activities.

The Sounds Defense strives to be the gold standard among outdoor sport enthusiasts when it comes to deterring aggressive dogs. This device is a smart choice because it does not have to be finely aimed, an important consideration when someone is caught off guard and unable to respond appropriately. The Sound Defense works in most conditions, no matter how fast a biker or runner is moving. This includes those times when there is severe wind or rain present, both of which can render a spray irritant useless. Comparatively, the Sound Defense is easy to aim and among the most effective, reliably turning away dogs that are acting aggressively for any reason.

Bikers and runners have enough to deal with. Keep the Sound Defense on hand while you’re out, to help keep attacking dogs off your list of concerns.

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