A Sonic Dog Repellent May Be The Solution For Aggressive Dogs

There are few proven methods for deterring dangerous animals, but a sonic dog repellent can be the solution that runners, walkers, bikers, and other outdoors people are looking for. Using sound to turn away animals isn’t a new idea. But, up until recently, people believed the best way to use sound was to crank up the frequency as high as possible, until it was beyond the reach of human hearing. The idea was that the ultrahigh tones would be strange for a canine to hear and confuse them. Unfortunately, this is starting to look like a mistaken belief, as there’s likely nothing special about these frequencies and the effects they have on a canine.

A sonic dog repellent, though, has great potential to intimidate and scare off canines that are expressing aggression. The sound just has to be used in a unique way. That is where the Sound Defense excels, as it produces a variety of piercing tones in patterns that a canine is not used to. The result is a canine that is immediately confused and probably unwilling to continue the chase. That’s why in tests involving the Sound Defense, the canines would stop and retreat almost the instant the device was switched on. It didn’t matter if the device was fired from someone on or off of a bike; the result was the same.

The Sound Defense represents a new way of thinking when it comes to animal deterrence. And it appears to be the solution that people have been waiting for.

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