Why Is A Sonic Dog Repeller Better than Ultrasonic Devices?

A sonic dog repeller can be the difference between getting home safe and not getting home at all. Runners and bikers often discount the threat an attacking canine represents, assuming that they can scare the animal off or even subdue it if it does attack. This is a dangerous line of thinking, as attacking canines are often motivated by intense instinct and aren’t going to be deterred by anything but a forceful defense.

Until recently, most people believed that ultrasonic devices were the way to go, but it’s becoming clearer that a sonic dog repeller offers superior deterring ability. That’s because it produces tones that are audible to both humans and canines and sits right in the sensitive range of the animal’s hearing. This means that when a runner or biker is being chased, all they have to do is activate the device and aim it in the animal’s general direction. Upon activation, the device will create a series of tones that are extremely intimidating, confusing, and repulsive for the canine, hopefully forcing them to break pursuit. It takes only a fraction of a second to work in most cases, and it does not harm the animal, so it can be used whenever someone feels threatened outdoors.

Animal bites can leave grievous injuries and even permanent damage, but it’s a situation no one ever has to be in, as long as they are armed with the right deterrent.

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