Looking For An Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent Review

Although these devices have been on the market for years, there isn’t an ultrasonic dog deterrent review that has proven the technology works. In fact, there are serious doubts regarding the technology, and that should be a major concern for runners, bikers, and anyone else that enjoys spending time outside. That’s why more and more people are shifting to audible sound repellants instead.

A comprehensive ultrasonic dog deterrent review has never been put together, but there’s no reason to believe that canines are sensitive to extremely high frequencies. To canines, they are just like any other sound, and many either ignore these frequencies or adjust to them right away. This technology has been marketed to repel many animals, and the same inconsistent effect is common among them. Of course, these frequencies are beyond human hearing, which is a problem because a user can never be sure the device is working, nor do they know just what kind of sound the device is outputting. If the device is outputting a low intensity pattern, it may not be enough to get the animal’s notice. That’s especially true if the canine is charging aggressively.

Another concern with the technology is that higher frequencies of sound deteriorate quickly over short distances and are blocked out by most obstacles. This makes it a lot more difficult to use the device effectively.

Fortunately, there is a viable alternative in audible sound devices, which produce a high intensity combination of tones that canines respond to quickly. Audible sound devices are also easier to use and more precise, which can be critical when an aggressive animal is in pursuit.

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