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Time for a Bike Ride?

Cycling offers many opportunities to get outdoors. Bike rides are often an adventure that offer a chance to see the world from a different perspective. There are a good number of trails meant for non-motorized vehicles, but in order to cover a good distance a bicycle can come in handy. With a bicycle, you can travel a good distance but still experience the trail or path and surroundings up close.

There are many different types of trails and bicycle paths for different types of riding. There are mountain bike trails, road bike trails, rails to trails, guided city bike tours, as well as cross country, assisted tours, and of course event rides. Where ever it is you would like to explore via bicycle there is most probably somebody out there who knows of a path, offers a tour, or is putting together an organized ride.

Bike safety is important too, and it is well worth the time to take a class. There is a lot of good information to be gained from taking a bicycle safety course. The instructors can advise on how best to contend with traffic, parked cars and pedestrians. The bicycle safety instructor can advise on what type of bike gear is necessary and what might be good to have. They can also offer instruction on making corners and communicating about traffic, debris, gravel and potholes to the other riders in a group.

Cycling is also a good fitness activity. If you can find the right bike for where you want to ride, get a bike fit properly, and have it maintained, biking can be a very enjoyable form of exercise. When biking you can choose to work on building muscle, cardio fitness, or both depending on the terrain and gearing selected. There is a lot to see, and cycling offers an excellent opportunity to work toward your fitness goals while enjoying the journey.


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