Aggressive Dogs While Running

Encountering Aggressive Dogs While Running Encountering aggressive dogs while running can be enough to send anyone into a panic. Runners like free use of the path, and open access to the neighborhoods. Most places have leash laws to protect our access to public areas, but laws only help when people abide by them. Dog owners […]

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The Risk of Dog Bite Infection

A dog bite infection can present a significant health risk, far past the pain or discomfort of the actual wound. From time to time, dogs are known to bite or attack. It is a good idea to be very cautious when faced with an unknown or strange dog,  but a majority of the more than […]

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Running Safety: 8 Items You Should Carry Every Time You Go Out

Make running safety a key consideration no matter the duration of your workout. Running is the ultimate cardiovascular activity. It burns calories, releases endorphins, and drastically strengthens your endurance. These benefits to your health have all been well documented. But there are some risks to running that can be addressed by what you have on […]

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Searching For Effective Dog Repellent Devices

Dog repellent devices aren’t just for mailpersons anymore. People who are avid walkers and joggers, cyclists, and others whose professions take them outside on a regular basis are in search of humane and reliable ways to ward off aggressive canines. Unfortunately, it can be hard to determine a canine’s true intention until it’s too late, […]

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What Is The Best Dog Repellent Sound Frequency?

The best dog repellent sound frequency is one that is audible and in dogs sensitive hearing range. This may seem contrary to what most people think. The market has been saturated with ultrasonic devices that claim to keep aggressive canines at bay. However, depending on the device, the reviews are not backing up these claims. […]

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Looking For An Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent Review

Although these devices have been on the market for years, there isn’t an ultrasonic dog deterrent review that has proven the technology works. In fact, there are serious doubts regarding the technology, and that should be a major concern for runners, bikers, and anyone else that enjoys spending time outside. That’s why more and more […]

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