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Outdoor Gear Dog Deterrent

Outdoor sports enthusiasts enjoy the many benefits of their activity, but can also be subject to unpredictable situations. Certain basic steps can be taken to protect themselves from basic risks. Carrying an audible dog deterrent is one basic step that can be taken to protect yourself from aggressive or chasing dogs. Find out more tips and strategies about the best way to protect yourself.


Aggressive Dogs While Running

Encountering Aggressive Dogs While Running Encountering aggressive dogs while running can be enough to send anyone into a panic. Runners like free use of the path, and open access to the neighborhoods. Most places have leash laws to protect our access to public areas, but laws only help when people abide by them. Dog owners […]

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Running Safety: 8 Items You Should Carry Every Time You Go Out

Make running safety a key consideration no matter the duration of your workout. Running is the ultimate cardiovascular activity. It burns calories, releases endorphins, and drastically strengthens your endurance. These benefits to your health have all been well documented. But there are some risks to running that can be addressed by what you have on […]

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What Would Be Great Gifts For Cyclists?

When considering gifts for the cyclists in your life, do you consider the risks associated with riding a bike? Many people do and assume that the only thing a bike rider needs is a helmet and some pads. However, bike riders also have to contend with territorial and aggressive dogs at times, and these dogs […]

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Information About Recumbent Riders And Dog Bites

Animals are often unpredictable around bikes, but recumbent riders can avoid dog bites as long as they prepare in advance. Any experienced cyclist knows that canines can seemingly appear out of thin air, especially in dense neighborhoods, and there’s no telling when one will give chase. A cyclist normally has a few options available to […]

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Dog Bites And Cycling Go Hand In Hand All Too Often

Dog bites and cycling go hand in hand all too often, and animal attacks are no joke. Pursuing canines can cause serious damage if they manage to sink their teeth into a bike rider, possibly pulling them off the bike and causing even more harm. This problem is common among riders, especially in densely populated […]

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Outdoor Sport Enthusiasts Need Safety Against Dogs

Bikers, runners, walkers and other outdoor sport enthusiasts have to contend with a number of variables when enjoying their favorite sport. While most people think about the weather and traffic before heading out, many neglect to protect themselves from aggressive dogs, and this can be a big mistake. Large breed dogs are capable of causing […]

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