Community Involvement


b2n7JPG1Community Involvement


One of Sound Defense, LLC Founders’ goals was to afford the time for volunteer work at the local animal shelter. Also taking the time to raise funds when possible for the charities that support the shelter’s efforts to find homes for the stray and surrendered dogs. Bike safety is also important to the founders. They hope to have more time to participate in charity events for cycling organizations in the near future.

This year they are excited to have taken steps toward these goals and have been afforded an opportunity to participate in a couple of events. Leah and John both take part almost each year in the Bike Houston Moonlight Ramble and Team Sound Defense was able to participate this year. John and Leah have had the opportunity to ride the MS150 in the past and hope to ride it again one day. Team Sound Defense participated in Strut Your Mutt this year and Leah volunteers weekly at their local animal shelter working with the abandoned dogs.



This Year’s Ramble Bicycle Ride

Mutt Strut