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Humanely Protecting People from Aggressive Dogs

Sound Defense is a family-owned company founded by a certified canine behavior specialist. Leah earned her certification by volunteering at the local animal shelter, under the supervision of the staff behavior specialist. A deep understanding of dog behavior coupled with a passion for cycling, gave Leah and her husband John valuable experience, and an understanding of the need for protection from aggressive dogs.

It also helped them to understand the trouble canines have when relying on instinct to navigate a human world. As avid cyclists, they had been chased down on many occasions, barely avoiding bike crashes due to dogs and being bitten was the last straw.

“We tried everything we could get our hands on at first, but we couldn’t find a product that was effective in the many different conditions and circumstances that the outdoors offered. You have to have something that works well in many different situations” Leah said.

They knew it was time for an aggressive dog deterrent device that was safe, effective, and humane. They combined the founder’s experience understanding canine behavior, and instinctive responses, with the principles of animal vocalizations and motivation-structural rules. The result is a sound defense and protection from aggressive dogs.

At Sound Defense, we believe:
• People who work outside, runners, walkers, and cyclists should be able to enjoy the outdoors without the threat of an aggressive dog.
• Brains will win over brutality every time, and people are smarter than the dog in the fight.
• Life is easier if you get the right tool for the job.
• It’s far better for the dog if it is humanely prevented from completing an aggressive behavior than landing itself in line for euthanasia.
• Making a positive impact on our community by volunteering, participating in charity events, and supporting improvement in the way people bike, walk and commute is important.

How We Developed Sound Defense

The technology is based on the principles of animal vocalizations and motivation-structural rules, a deep understanding of canine behavior, and canines genetically encoded responses to stressors. Sound Defense emits a sound signal triggers the flight response in dogs by emitting an overwhelming, intimidating and repulsive sound signal for the dog.

This sound is best suited to trigger the flight response in aggressive dogs, offering the user the best possible outcome for the person in and adverse situation.

The Sound Defense K9 Warning Device was created in response to a growing instance of unwanted aggressive dog interactions on bike rides and walks. It was designed to be a dog attack or aggressive dog protection device for cyclists, runners, walkers, and people who work outdoors.
The K9 Warning Device’s and the V2 Personal Defender offer high-level effectiveness and ease of use. They are effective, humane solutions that work exceptionally well in an adverse situation.

The founders care about what happens to the masses of stray and un-cared for dogs, and realize that a loose dog is not always loose by choice. With the pet population increasing each year, an annual increase in sports participation, and the increasing instance of dog bites, a solution for animal confrontations was also desperately needed.

Remember, no one leaves the house knowing that today is the day they will be pursued by an aggressive dog. Protect yourself and your family as you enjoy the great outdoors together. Shop the Sound Defense store today!

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