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& why Sound Defense, LLC came to be

Leah and John have ridden mountain and road bicycles for years and have had the opportunity to ride in different parts of the country and several charity events. More often than not, they enjoy riding on the roads and trails in their area.

When they began riding, they quickly learned that if they were going to ride there was a good chance they would face the unwanted attention of aggressive, chasing dogs. Facing constant harassment by unsupervised, aggressive, chasing dogs they could have given up, but decided to try and figure out what might solve the problem. “We didn’t want to give up bicycle riding and walking. It was a tough choice because, who wants to be chased down on a regular basis never knowing if there was another dog looming around the corner?” These are pretty terrifying experiences, but for Leah and John it was not just bicycle riding and walking that they would have had to give up. Long rides were their time to reconnect. The outings provided them with an escape that required a step in the right direction toward being fit, and most times a great adventure. Cycling became one of their passions. “We were dealing with my father’s declining health due to Parkinson’s disease at home and needed time to adjust to that situation as it progressed, and when you live in a shared home you need time to get away and reconnect. They were more than just bike rides for us.” Since then they have had the opportunity to ride in a few charity events and different parts of the country. Experiencing different terrain, environments and discovering new trails along the way. Nowadays, though, without fear of those aggressive dogs.

How did you come up with the K9 Warning Device?

The founders decided to look at the dog, and try and figure out what might work best. “We took a long hard look at dogs and conducted a good bit of research to find guidance as to what might be most effective.” They also studied the varied environments in which people cycle, walk and run, and also brought their experiences to the table. This started them down the path to development. “We wanted a solution that would work in a noisy environment, outside. It also had to be useful in different situations and when dogs were acting aggressively for different reasons.” Early on the founders rallied their courage to step off the beaten path and move forward outside the accepted methods for warning off an aggressive dog. They decided to travel a path dictated by research and experience.

In closing, the Sound Defense K9 Warning Device was created in response to a growing instance of unwanted dog interactions on bike rides and walks. It was developed to help cyclists, and walkers/runners keep aggressive, chasing dogs at a safe distance. The K9 Warning Device’s effectiveness and ease of in-use operation was the goal accomplished, but the founders are proud of the fact that the K9 Warning Device is also considered to be humane. They care greatly for their canine companions and realize that a loose dog is not always loose by choice, but with the pet population increasing each year, an annual increase in sports participation and the increasing instance dog bites a solution was needed.

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