Can a Dog Attack be Avoided?

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If you jog, bike, or run outdoors to exercise, you might worry that a dog attack could happen to you. Unfortunately, people who participate in these types of exercise are definitely at a higher risk of experiencing dog attacks. Below, we’ll tell you why dogs tend to attack joggers and cyclists in motion, and then we’ll briefly discuss what you can do when these attacks happen.

Why Are Dogs Driven to Attack?

Domesticated dogs descend from predatory creatures that chased down their prey to survive. When a modern dog sees an object in motion, he or she might feel compelled to chase it as part of that predatory instinct. Chasing after a quickly moving object releases the chemical dopamine in the dog’s brain, which means chasing a cyclist or jogger makes certain dogs feel happy.

Unfortunately, since chasing an object in motion is a natural response for many dogs, there aren’t many things you can do to deter dog attacks. If an unleashed, aggressive dog sees you when you’re biking or running past him or her, he or she might chase after you, regardless of how fast you’re going or whether you’re on a bike or running on your own two feet.

How Can You Keep Dogs From Chasing You?

Owners can train their dogs not to chase bikers and cyclists. However, irresponsible owners might leave their dogs off their leashes or fail to train them properly. If you’re sharing a biking or running trail with dog owners who don’t train or leash their dogs, you might be at risk for a dog attack.

Some bikers or cyclists try to kick dogs when they chase after them, or they squirt the dogs with their water bottles to deter them. These methods may be effective sometimes, but they mean that the dog is already right alongside you, which increases your risk of dog bites and injuries. Plus, if you’re on a bike, kicking at the dog could cause you to fall or crash.

If you yell at the dog and shout a strong command word, a well-trained dog could respond and stop chasing. However, if the dog is already unleashed and chasing after you, chances are he or she isn’t very well-trained. An aggressive or poorly trained dog won’t stop.

In some cases, you can stop your motion to combat the dog’s natural instinct to chase, but this method doesn’t always work—and if you miscalculate, you could end up the victim of a dog attack.

How Can Sound Defense Help?

We believe the best method of prevention is to use a dog attack deterrent device, including one of our products that is designed to repel aggressive dogs. Look through the products to your right to get an idea of how our dog repellent and dog deterrent devices work.


Why do some dogs chase?

Aggressive dogs due to territorial aggression.

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