Dog Bites And Cycling

Dog Bites And Cycling

Avid riders know that dog bites and cycling are linked together all too often. There is inadequate tracking in regards to statistics of animal attacks, but experienced bike riders know that the statistics don’t matter, because they’ve experienced the fear of a chasing animal firsthand. Because of this, bikers use all kinds of tactics to dissuade animals from chasing, like yelling, clapping, or even carrying a spray bottle and squirting water at an animal that gets too close. While these methods may work some of the time, the one time they don’t work can have devastating results. That’s why many are turning to audible sound emitters.

Why should bike riders consider an audible sound emitter like the Sound Defense?

In most cities, the law is not effective in preventing dog bites. Walking and cycling in areas that are densely populated will put a person at risk of injury, and there isn’t much that authorities can do to prevent an attack. In Texas, for example, canines are not considered dangerous until they have attacked a person. While this designation will help keep that particular canine from attacking again, it won’t do much for the individual who was bitten. If a bike rider wants to be safe, they will need to take their safety into their own hands.

Why is the Sound Defense a popular option for bike riders?

Bike riders want to remain safe, but they don’t want something that’s hard to use, inconsistent, or harmful to the animal. In recent years, several companies have marketed a number of ultrasonic sound emitters, claiming that these devices will meet these standards. Ultrasonic emitters produce sound frequencies that, while audible to canines, don’t rest in the sensitive part of the animal’s hearing range. This is a major consideration. What do you respond to more – someone speaking in a normal tone of voice, or someone yelling in your face? Canines respond to sound the same way.

The Sound Defense operates using sound similar to the principles of ultrasonic devices, but takes advantage of the superior performance and accuracy that comes with using lower frequencies of sound and a signal designed for a dog.  In fact, the sound frequency that the Sound Defense uses is audible to both humans and canines, and exists in the sensitive hearing range for the animal. This produces a much more immediate response and can help break pursuit within a few seconds of activation, significantly reducing the chances of dog bites. Walking and cycling in areas with free running canines can be a bit scary, but Sound Defense warns animals that you are too intimidating to mess with.

A primary advantage with the Sound Defense is that it has a larger operational area than most ultrasonic devices. This is because lower frequencies emit a wider beam, due to their longer wavelength. This means a bike rider doesn’t have to aim the Sound Defense precisely for it to work as intended. When all you have are seconds to react, this can be absolutely crucial for remaining safe.

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