How Can A Dog Deterrent Help Protect People?

At times, man’s best friend can become man’s worst enemy, and a dog deterrent can help protect people when a canine is in attack mode.

Canines are pack animals, and they think in terms of protecting the survival of this type of “family” unit. There are situations that can trigger them to protect their pack, or their territory, by becoming aggressive. Some are rescues that were abused at one time and react to sudden situations by becoming defensive. Their way of communicating fear, or protection, is to bark as a warning or to attack anything that creates a sense of harm.

A dog deterrent is simply a way to protect people from the instinctive behavior of an animal that is reacting to sudden movement or sound that they perceive to be harmful to their pack.  It is not meant to hurt the animal, but rather as a means to bring it back to its boundaries.

In the case of children, a canine may see them as having a less dominant position in the pack. Sometimes when a child is trying to play with a pet, they can unknowingly give the message that they are trying to challenge this dominance and provoke the animal into asserting its place in the pack. When this instinct happens with a dog, a deterrent is needed to correct the behavior and protect the child.

In some cases, even a bike rider can be pedaling down a quiet street or on a pathway in a park and the animal only sees a fast moving object heading in its direction. As sometimes happens with other moving objects, the animal does not know that this is not a danger to him and will run towards it in pursuit. He only has the instinct that he or members of his pack are under attack, so he wants to defend his territory.  In this case, a dog deterrent can provide a way to keep the animal at bay and prevent him from chasing the bike rider and potentially attacking.

One of the inaccurate assumptions that people have about a dog deterrent is that is harmful to the animal.  They do not have to contain pepper spray or any other substance that could irritate the animal’s nose or eyes. Spray devices are also not advisable because the bike rider may be a bit panicked as well and inadvertently reach for the spray device while riding and end up spraying themselves. Also, once the spray is airborne, it would not necessarily reach the animal.

There are companies like Sound Defense, who specialize in creating humane devices that will emit a tone that is  discernable to the human ear, and can be heard by a dog and acts as a deterrent in its ability to startle the animal. In this way, the effect is to break the instinctive behavior and neutralize the desire to continue the chase.  The device is compact, and is effective even when it is windy or raining. The sound is emitted in such a way that the frequency has a wide range, so regardless of the distance, the animal will know to back off.

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