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ddsnWhat’s the difference between an Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent and an Audible Dog Deterrent, the Sound Defense K9 Warning Device. 

The difference between The Sound Defense K9 Warning Device, an audible dog deterrent and an ultrasonic dog deterrent has to do with the sounds that dogs can most easily hear. The difference also has to do with sounds that people can hear. Different animals have different hearing ranges. There are also different areas in their hearing range that are more sensitive than others. The term ultrasonic describes sounds that are above the human hearing range. Sounds above the human hearing range are also above the dog’s sensitive hearing range. The dog can hear a range of ultrasonic sounds though.

Why is it important that the K9 Warning Device’s signal is within the dog’s sensitive hearing range? A tone at the same decibel level, but of a different frequency will seem louder or quieter depending on the animal’s sensitive hearing range. Wind and ambient noise are an issue in outside applications. A dog is more likely to receive a signal when it sounds within its sensitive hearing range and therefore is louder. Why whisper when you can roar?!

Dogs chase and act aggressively for different reasons. The chasing dog might act aggressively due to its prey drive. The dog could be guarding its territory. He could be coming out just to greet you. If you are looking for something to help keep aggressive dogs and chasing dogs at a safe distance in any of these situations, it is helpful if the dog deterrent’s signal comes across loud and clear. If the dog’s prey drive is the issue, it is believed that the canine warning device’s signal is unexpected, loud and repulsive to the dog.  It’s a warning that startles the dog out of his instinctive pursuit. If the dog is guarding its territory or protecting its resources, it is believed that the canine warning device’s signal is repulsive and loud enough to keep the dog at a distance while the person leaves the dog’s perceived territory. The canine warning device is not issuing an very low-frequency threat. It is offering a warning to the dog. It helps keep the chasing or aggressive dog at a safe distance. It signals that you are very loud (powerful), repulsive and very annoying. Chasing you or acting aggressively toward you is not worth the effort. Not worth taking the chance since you are already leaving the dog’s territory. If the dog is just coming out to greet you, it is believed that the signal is loud and repulsive enough to keep him away.

The signal’s “beam angle” is also important. A tone’s frequency determines beam angle. A tone that has a lower frequency will also have a wider beam angle. A wider beam angle makes sense if you think about how difficult it is to aim while riding a bike or running. A wider beam angle would be helpful in situations where a person has to deal with their motion. It would be helpful when a person has to deal with the dog’s movement and just plain old knee-knocking panic as well. How good is your aim when trying to hit a moving target in a panic? “Beam Angle” is not a technical term. If you think about what a flash light’s beam of light looks like though, you get the idea of how a sound signal might look. In general as the frequency decreases the beam angle increases. There is a calculation that determines beam angle. The calculation takes into account the dog deterrent’s speaker size. Speaker size depends on desired frequency output. The calculation also takes into account the signal’s frequency range.

Further, the lower the frequency of the signal the further that signal will travel. An ultrasonic dog deterrent sound offers a high-frequency tone. The lower the frequency, the less a tone is subject to signal dampening. Precision aiming and distance from the dog are concerns when you need help keeping chasing and aggressive dogs at a distance. A wider beam angle that goes farther and is more easily perceived makes sense in a hand held dog deterrent device.

Finally, if you can hear it, then somebody else might hear it. The fact that the canine warning device is audible could serve to alert others to the situation.

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