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ddsnThe Advantages of an Audible Dog Deterrent Versus an Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent

An audible dog deterrent like Sound Defense has some distinct advantages over an ultrasonic deterrent. Dogs will more easily hear an audible dog deterrent, and people will hear it as well.

Different animals have different hearing ranges, and there are areas in their hearing ranges that are more sensitive than others.

An ultrasonic dog deterrent works with sounds that are above the human hearing range. While people cannot hear them, dogs can hear them though they are outside dogs’ sensitive hearing range.

Sound Defense Falls Within a Dog’s Sensitive Hearing Range

Different tones at the same decibel level, but of a different frequency, will seem louder or quieter depending on the animal’s sensitive hearing range. Wind and ambient noise are also an issue in outside applications.

A dog is more likely to receive a signal when it falls within the sensitive hearing range, and therefore sounds louder. Think of the difference between a whisper and a roar.

An Audible Dog Deterrent that is Alarming to Aggressive and Chasing Dogs

If you are looking for something to deter aggressive dogs and chasing dogs, it is helpful if the dog deterrent’s signal comes across loud and clear.

If the dog’s prey drive is causing it to chase or act aggressive, the signal is overwhelming and repulsive to the dog. It’s a strong warning that breaks the dog out of its instinctive pursuit.

If the dog is guarding its territory or protecting its resources, the Sound Defense signal is intimidating and alarming. It is designed to deter the dog and it at a distance, while the person leaves the dog’s perceived territory.

The Sound Defense is designed to deter chasing and aggressive dogs. It sends a signal that is very loud which is an indicator of great size, in dogs sensitive hearing range which studies indicate sounds in the sensitive hearing range are most repulsive, and non-aggressive which doesn’t encourage an escalation of the attack. Chasing, or acting aggressively towards the person is not worth the effort. It’s not worth it for the dog to take a chance on getting hurt in a physical attack. Faced with the Sound Defense instinct also kicks in and drives the dog to break pursuit.

Lower-Frequency Tones in the Sensitive Hearing Range Have a Higher Impact

The signal’s beam angle is also important. A tone’s frequency determines beam angle. A tone that has a lower frequency will have a wider beam angle.

A wider beam angle makes the Sound Defense effective while you are riding a bike or running. It is also helpful when you take panic into account as well. How good is your aim when trying to hit a moving target in a panic?

The speaker size of an audible dog deterrent can also determine the width of the beam angle. A larger speaker size allows the sound to travel further, which can be important in an unpredictable situation.

For these reasons, a wider beam angle makes sense in a handheld dog deterrent device. This is especially true given that a lower frequency tone in dogs sensitive hearing range has a deterring impact on the dog.

Lastly, another person in the area could potentially hear an audible dog deterrent. The fact that the Sound Defense is audible could serve to alert others to the situation.

If you find yourself in a situation that involves an aggressive or chasing dog, it’s important to do everything you can to escape safely. An audible dog deterrent allows you to keep your distance, break pursuit, stay in motion, and create a distress noise that other people in the area may hear. They offer the best way to stay prepared for those who spend time outdoors

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