What Kind Of Dog Repellent Device Technology Is Available?

Many people who enjoy the great outdoors  are looking for a dog repellent device that can keep them safe when enjoying their favorite activities. Although everyone loves their furry companions, the fact is that stray canines can pose a serious threat to walkers, runners, bikers and especially young children. While engaged in activities outside, an aggressive animal may appear from nowhere and immediately begin pursuit. Canines are often that animal, as they are small enough to remain out of sight until the last moment, and fast enough to close in within seconds. In fact, a person may have no time to react at all before the animal is upon them. This is a nightmare situation, and can lead to severe injuries and trauma. But fortunately, there are products out there that are designed to prevent it from happening,

What kind of dog repellent device technology is available on the market?

There are a couple of design marks that a user will need from their deterrent for it to work properly. For one, it has to work reliably. It’s not enough for it to only work when there’s no wind or hope that the product is working even though it’s hard to tell if it’s on.  It has to be effective and work within seconds. In general, that’s all the time a person will have before the animal catches up to them. The deterrent also has to be easy to use. The most effective deterrence in the world won’t mean a thing if it has to be aimed precisely. When caught up in the moment and when the adrenaline is flowing, a person is going to have serious trouble focusing enough to aim a deterrent at a running animal. It has to work, even when a person’s arms are shaking. Finally, it has to be humane. The point of a deterrent is to help keep the user and nearby people safe, but most people don’t want to harm the animal in that exchange. Some canines may only be acting aggressive in the circumstances at hand.   A form of deterrence that hurts the animal may cause undue harm to canines that are merely interested in the user, and even canines acting aggressively don’t deserve pain in the process.

With these design qualities in mind, the dog repellent device that fits the ideal mold is the Sound Defense. Spray deterrents can be impossible to aim in the wind, and they can also harm the animal to some extent. Ultrasonic deterrence is also hit and miss, and with its narrow aiming angle, it may not work unless the user aims it just right.

The Sound Defense, however, utilizes audible sound frequencies that are repulsive to canines and are intended to alarm the canine and convince them to pursue something else. During operation, it produces a series of tonal patterns that sit in the animal’s sensitive hearing range, so the canine will immediately hear the tones and  react to the repulsive sound. It doesn’t hurt the animal, and audible frequencies operate at lower frequencies, which exist at wider beam angles. That makes for an easier to use and aim deterrent, which may be the difference between injury and a close call.

It may not seem like a major priority while playing or working outside, but a single canine attack can leave a person with permanent, debilitating injuries. Stay safe, and keep those nearby safe with the Sound Defense.

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