The Benefits Of Using Dog Repellent Devices By Sound Defense

The sales of dog repellent devices are on the rise. Sprays and other deterrents have run their course, and many of them have been rendered useless or limited in their accuracy, often leaving those that employ them with an injury of some kind. Although no deterrent can be deemed 100% effective all of the time, there are some that are better than others.

Sound Defense offers the best dog repellent devices on the market. Years of research and development have gone into this form of safe, non-toxic, convenient and reliable product that is designed to guard the safety of the user and the dog. Other repellent devices may not offer this reliability and satisfaction. That is just one of the reasons that this product is gaining in popularity with walkers, joggers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Sound Defense dog repellent devices use a patent pending technology that works in dogs’ sensitive hearing range. Other products emit a higher ultrasonic frequency that either does little to deter the oncoming animal or can be defeated by distance or a smaller beam angle while still under pursuit. Sprays are other deterrents that have limited usefulness. They must operate within a particular distance that is often too close for most users to feel safe. Sprays also need to be used in little or no wind so that it doesn’t blow back into the user’s face and eyes. That is not always going to be possible when an aggressive canine is in hot pursuit.

So how do Sound Defense dog repellent devices work?

This is a multi-use device that does not require direct aim. It is light weight, weighing in at only seven ounces. Available for additional purchase is a bicycle attachment and a utility holster. A utility holster is ideal for walkers, joggers, and those whose professions take them outdoors regularly. The product is chemical-free since it is not a spray. Focusing in on the dog’s most sensitive hearing range, it emits a loud and audible tone that not only alerts the canine to back off, but can also alert others in the area that a dangerous situation may be at hand.

What are some other benefits that Sound Defense devices offer over other products?

This is a humane product that is designed to naturally deter the animal due to the sound emitted. There are no chemicals involved. Since it is a sound and not a spray, those on a bike can operate the deterrent while maintaining focus on the road ahead of them. This product is made of a durable material and will stay attached to the bike mount even over a curb drop of up to six inches. It is also weather resistant. Since it is not a chemical product, there is no expiration date. For those that enjoy the great outdoors for staying healthy or just having fun, or for those that work outdoors on a regular basis, most of them have encountered a canine that doesn’t understand their boundaries. And that can quickly become a terrifying situation. Beating the canine back with a stick, shouting at them, or just running away will only encourage the chase and aggravate the situation further. This is why it is important to use a deterrent product that is reliable and safe, and Sound Defense is designed to offer both.

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