What Dog Repellent Sound Frequency Is The Most Effective?

When a canine is in hot pursuit, what dog repellent sound frequency is most effective?

The answer depends on who is asked and the research behind the answer. There is a debate that an ultrasonic sound is sufficient, however, more compelling research is showing that a dog repellent that has an audible sound frequency is most effective.

The key selling point to a dog repellent that uses an ultrasonic sound frequency is that it is inaudible to the user. It uses a frequency that is outside a human’s natural hearing range, but within the canines range. But that point in itself is why the sales of those items and the reviews from the users are not going as well as when they first entered the market. The idea was to keep those that enjoy the outdoors or work outside safe from canines that may want to take a bite out of the individual rather than receive a belly rub. In most situations, it is hard to determine just what the canine’s intention is. If they come running, the canine is either seeking out prey, defending their territory, or wanting to say hello, but in the heat of the moment, it is hard to determine what the end result will be. And no one wants to be on the receiving end of an aggressive canine or have to employ a device that requires the user to be within a particular radius. This is why the Sound Defense product is gaining ground.

Using a dog repellent with an audible sound frequency is one way to ensure it is working. If the user can hear it, so can the canine. The intent is that the loud and repulsive sounds emitted in a pattern are alarming, intimidating, and overwhelming enough for it to flee. This patent pending technology is proving itself again and again. When used properly, the device emits a sound and the canine ceases its chase. And since it is an audible noise, the user is sure it is working.  It is also a humane and safe way to ward off the oncoming animal. No chemicals are being released, which make it safe for both the canine and the user. The audible noise can also alert others in the area to potential danger.

Another benefit of using a dog repellent that has an audible sound frequency is its reliability. It is not a product that must be aimed or employed in a certain proximity. If the bicyclist sees a canine giving chase, they can release it from the bicycle attachment and employ the device. They do not need to take their eyes off the road or make sure that their aim has precision. This gives the rider the upper hand and can help ensure they get away safely. And since there are no chemicals involved, there is no concern of the spray blowing back in the users face. That also means that there is no expiration date on the product. So beyond the initial purchase, there will just be the replacement of the 9-volt battery from time to time.

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