Why Is A Dog Repellent Whistle Is A Must-Have Accessory?

With the growing popularity of outdoor sports and activities there is also a growing concern for canine attacks, and a dog repellent whistle is becoming a must-have accessory to carry at all times.

First, it is important to understand what is going on from the animal’s point of view. When people are riding a bike down a street or path, they encounter canines that are reacting to the quick movements and distractions of the bike.  They are instinctive animals and naturally want to protect their territory. An ultrasonic dog repellent whistle lets out a sound that is emitted at a certain frequency that humans cannot hear, but the canines nearby can hear.

What happens when someone uses an audible dog repellent whistle or device is that the signal is specially designed for a dog’s hearing range. It is an effective means of deterring them from coming closer to the bike rider, and typically the sound sends the animal running in the opposite direction.

There are different accessories for the audible dog repellent whistle that bike riders can use to make it easy to react quickly. Most times, the canine comes out of nowhere suddenly and reaction time is essential in not letting him get too close.  What is important to note is that this method of deterring behavior is not painful to the animal. The sound may be piercing and repulsive to him, but it is not going to cause harm to his ears.

There is a unique canine warning device offered by Sound Defense that is made of plastic and clips on to a bicycle handlebar with an attachment, and there is also a holster available. The great thing about this device is that a bike rider can use it while riding without interruption. They simply point the device at a dog and it emits an audible signal that is designed to keep the dog at a safe distance.

There are some devices that offer ultrasound techniques, but the negative aspect of the ultrasound approach is that natural elements, like wind or distance, could impact the effectiveness of the animal hearing the noise. Also, many bike riders find that in this kind of situation, they panic and cannot properly aim the noise directly at the animal.

An audible dog repellent whistle that has a lower frequency noise that humans can hear may be louder sounding to the general public, but the noise will carry for a longer and wider range of distance. In this case, while it could be slightly annoying to humans, it can also be a necessary defense tool to alert others that the bike rider is being attacked. This will hopefully stop the animal and let others come to the rider’s aid should it become necessary.

Bike riders can find effective audible products through companies like Sound Defense, who specialize in providing canine warning devices. They have specially designed products that are easy to operate, have the right sound frequency, and do not have chemical sprays attached. They are easy to use and very compact, so if bike riders are suddenly aware of a canine approaching, they will not have to panic or lose their balance finding the device.

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