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A hand held dog repellent device, pepper spray for dogs, and solutions used to keep dogs out of a yard or garden are all different products. These different products fall under the same heading though: dog repellent. Which you choose depends on what the issue is and in what environment you will use the product.

For outdoor activities, there are low-cost hand-held liquid spray dog repellents. Some of these include pepper spray and sprays that have citronella as their main ingredient.

When using pepper spray for dogs you might think about how good an aim you have. Can you hit a moving target at a range with a stream of liquid pepper spray while you are also moving? Panic can also decrease a person’s ability to hit a moving target. Blowback and overspray can be a problem if there is any air movement or a breeze. Do you always bicycle ride or walk/run alone? If the wind carries the spray, it could land on others in your group.

Pepper spray and other liquid repellents meant for use during outdoor activities also utilize compressed gas to propel the liquid out of the canister. The use of compressed gas in a product often restricts its use as most sprays work best in an upright position only.

How do you know when to buy a new one? Is there a gauge for when the canister is empty or almost empty? Propellants in a product limit its shelf life. The propellant in pepper spray for dogs can slowly leak out requiring an expiration date.

With the Sound Defense K9 Warning Device, there is no product to remove from the dog. There is no need to clean the spray off the dog.

We believe for bicycle and recumbent bike riders, walkers and runners a dog repellent device such as the Sound Defense K9 Warning Device is your best bet when dealing with aggressive or chasing dogs. Overspray is not an issue with the canine warning device. You can use the K9 Warning Device while riding in a group or while walking or running with a friend. Blowback is not an issue. You can walk or run on windy days! The K9 Warning Device does not expire, and there is a low battery indicator light to let you know when to change the battery. You can use the product in any orientation, upside down if need be. Shaking and rough handling will not affect the operability. Research directed the development of the Sound Defense K9 Warning Device, and it offers patent pending technology in a handheld dog repellent device.

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