Reasons To Choose A Dog Repeller With Sound

One of the most effective forms of a dog repeller involves sound, but not the kind of noise that has been mass marketed to consumers in recent years. Bike riders and runners are under the constant threat of animal attack, and many have been convinced that ultrasound devices are the best defense. There are several problems with this line of thinking, though, and in most cases, devices that emit audible frequencies are more effective at halting aggressive animals.

Canines attack for many reasons, and when caught up in the moment, it won’t be clear why a particular animal is pursuing you. It may just be out of idle curiosity, or it may be because the canine believes you have violated their territory. Other canines pursue out of an instinctual prey drive. It doesn’t matter why the canine is giving chase, though, as any canine capable of running down a person is also capable of delivering a nasty bite. Broken bones, excessive bleeding, intense pain, nerve damage, loss of mobility, disfiguring scars and infection are all common complications arising from an attack.

Why should someone choose a dog repeller that emits audible sound?

Many people believe there is something special about devices that produce ultrahigh frequencies. Often, the perception is that they are more advanced technologically or produce tones that are harsher on a canine’s ears. There’s nothing special about these tones, though, other than the fact that people cannot hear them. The fact is, many canines respond to them like they do any other mundane tone, including tuning them out altogether. If the device does stop an animal, it’s because the frequency is so novel that it momentarily confuses them. However, attacking animals are less likely to be halted by a tone that’s merely novel.

Another problem with these devices is that ultrahigh frequencies are difficult to aim. They dissipate over short distances, so they are harder to aim than audible devices. Anyone who has been chased by an animal knows that a steady hand is hard to find when under pressure. It’s not a risk worth taking.

When it comes to a dog repeller, the Sound Defense is often the optimal choice for a biker or runner. It uses audible tones that lie in the canine’s sensitive range, and these are more likely to elicit fear or confusion. Instead of a single tone that whines, this device produces a range of frequencies that change rapidly, and canines have shown to be susceptible to this method. In short, the device convinces the animal that the biker or runner is too dangerous or annoying to deal with, and as a result, they break off the chase. The response is typically immediate, and it does not harm the animal in any way. And because the device uses audible frequencies, it is much easier to aim. This can be the difference between getting away safely and sustaining a nasty injury.

Opting for effective deterrence is investing in your safety, and anyone who spends time outside should consider it a wise investment to make.

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