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Any time a runner or cyclist has a concern about the possibility of encountering a dog that is acting aggressively, chasing, or guarding the person should consider using a dog repeller. It is better to deter the dog as quickly as possible since your information about the dog is limited to what is happening in the here and now. Convincing the dog to retreat while you leave the area is helpful. Dogs may do one of these three things when they feel threatened: freeze, flee or fight. It is best to encourage the flee response. The Sound Defense K9 Warning Device offers a dog repeller sound that is designed to be perceived by the dog as a very loud and annoying dog repeller sound.

Some dogs may be acting out predation. Some dogs may be guarding their territory. Some may just be coming out to greet you. You might be able to determine a dog’s response to your presence if you had time to evaluate the dog’s body language. It is difficult to interpret the dog’s body language in the split second you have to make a decision though. A runner or bicycle rider has about two seconds to make a decision and act on the circumstances. Two seconds does not leave much time for decoding the dog’s body language. The K9 Warning Device doesn’t require a runner or cyclists to make a split second attempt to interpret the dog’s body language.

If you are a runner or ride a bicycle, you will want a dog deterrent that will not get in the way of your ability to pay attention to the road conditions and traffic. The K9 Warning Device is a dog deterrent that has been formed so that bicycle riders can keep their eyes on the road ahead. If an oncoming car hits the rider while the rider is trying to miss the charging dog, it does not matter why the dog was chasing. The dog is going to catch up with the rider if they crash due to a pothole or crash because the dog got in the way. The canine warning device helps keep the dog at a safe distance with a strong dog repeller sound.

Listed below is a bit of useful information about a dog’s body language for reference. It’s likely you won’t have time to decode the dog’s body language though. Dogs acting aggressively due to territorial aggression might display these behaviors:

• Barking
• Growling
• Direct stare
• Rigid Body
• Eyes wide open
• Lowered head
• Ears forward
• Lunging forward in short jumps

Dogs acting aggressively due to prey drive will often display these behaviors:

• Orienting toward the movement
• Eye
• Eye stalk
• Chase
• Grab bite

Though it is likely you will only see the chase and possibly the bite, let’s hope it does not get that far.

If a dog is just coming out to greet you common body language for a friendly approach will include:

• Raised head
• Bouncy run
• Tail up and waging
• Relaxed features
• Possibly a smile

Again it is difficult to focus on the dog’s body language when faced with an unfamiliar dog that is acting aggressively, chasing or approaching quickly. Focusing on the dog while also contending with traffic and road conditions is difficult. To help keep the dog at a safe distance, we suggest the Sound Defense K9 Warning Device, which offers a strong dog repeller sound.


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