How Is An Electronic Dog Repellent Better Than Other Deterrents?

Electronic dog repellent is a marked step up from older forms of deterrence and is superior in nearly every way. However, not all powered deterrents are created equal, and sonic devices tend to outperform ultrasonic versions significantly. In truth, this is an industry that hasn’t innovated much in the last few decades. The options on the market are so thin that many people just hope they can ward off an attacking canine if it comes to that. That’s a dangerous gamble to take, of course, but when the most heavily advertised deterrents are primitive and difficult to use, it isn’t a surprise. Fortunately, more people are taking note of the Sound Defense, which offers a level of performance and convenience unmatched by other technologies.

How is an electronic dog repellent better than previous canine deterrents?

The history of canine repellents is one of ineffectiveness. People just haven’t been able to come up with a decent form of deterrence until recently, and even today people often rely on their voice to scare off animals. The problem is that yelling isn’t very effective either.

The original form of canine deterrence, and one that is still in wide use was the spray. Loaded with irritating chemicals, these devices project a jet of liquid that can reach 30 or so feet in calm conditions. The composition of these sprays varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but they are similar to pepper spray or mace. And they are intended to function in the same way as well. If the user can manage to hit the canine in the face with the spray, the animal may be alarmed and pained enough to break pursuit. However, there are a lot of problems with sprays, and they aren’t generally considered reliable enough to be a front-line method of defense. For one, some animals are controlled by instinct to the point where they don’t notice the pain until they have caught up to the user and harmed them. Also, sprays are only effective when weather conditions are just right. Even a slight breeze can make aiming impossible and may even blow back into the user’s face. Finally, these devices run out of steam quickly and have to be replaced frequently.

An electronic dog repellent uses either ultrasonic or sonic tones to generate a confused, alarmed effect in the animal. There used to be a lot of promise regarding ultrasonic devices, but that promise has given way to major skepticism. Ultrasonic tones have not been shown to reliably scare off any animal, much less a rampaging canine. They are also difficult to aim, and because human hearing cannot perceive them, a user can never be sure it is functioning properly.

Sonic devices, like the Sound Defense, operate within human and animal hearing, and generate tones that are more intimidating. It’s not about how high the frequencies are, it’s how the sound is used, and the Sound Defense does so in innovative ways. This typically results in an immediate response in the animal, one that resembles fear and annoyance. This type of electronic dog repellent is designed to buy a person the precious minutes they need to get themselves and their loved ones to safety.

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