Gifts For Cyclists

Gifts For Cyclists

Most gifts for cyclists run over the same ground time and time again. Some new lights, a chain guard, maybe something to wear. But what about something that will keep them safe while on the road? Bike riders often have to contend with unsecured and aggressive dogs, posing a significant threat to a rider. Both in neighborhoods and around the city, dogs are often let off their leashes by careless owners and allowed to roam free. These dogs may or may not be aggressive, but they often chase riders because bike riders have a tendency to activate their prey response. In some cases, a dog may just want to greet a passing rider. But there’s no way to tell which dog is aggressive until it is too late, and even friendly dogs can pose a threat to the rider if they accidentally stumble in the way of the bike.

The Sound Defense can help reduce the threat of an aggressive or overly curious dog, and is done so in a humane way. Few gifts for cyclists are designed to repel dangerous dogs, but Sound Defense helps keep cyclists safe and free to ride without fear.

A peaceful ride is possible because Sound Defense relies on audible tones instead of ultrasonic tones to repel a dog. The principle is simple: Dogs are instinctually programmed to pursue moving objects like bikes, or to defend their territory. Once in pursuit, the dog becomes intensely focused on the bike rider, giving the rider just a few seconds to respond and maintain safety. Shouting or clapping usually aren’t enough to deter an aggressive animal as they are used to the sounds humans make. However, they are not accustomed to the sounds the Sound Defense makes, which emits frequencies in the audible range of both dogs and humans. These frequencies target the dog’s sensitive hearing range and send out a shrill pattern of noises that can warn the dog off. In short, the sounds tell the dog that the bike rider is too dangerous to continue pursuing. In nearly all cases, the animal will respond within a second or two, helping prevent dog bites and bike crashes, both of which can cause severe injury.

In the past, most deterrent devices produced an ultrasonic frequency that was beyond the human hearing range but within a dog’s hearing range. However, the devices extended beyond the dog’s sensitive hearing zone. Higher frequencies emit over a smaller area, so they have to be more precisely aimed. As any seasoned biker will tell you while fleeing from an aggressive animal, aiming an ultrasonic emitter isn’t easy.

Sound Defense is a perfectly humane product and causes no harm to the dog. All it does is help keep the dog at a safe, so bike riders can relax and enjoy their ride.

When considering gifts for the cyclists in your life, remember that bike riding is often dangerous. The Sound Defense can help keep them safe from aggressive dogs, helping that they get home without a scratch.

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