Making Your First Ride a Success

Making Your First Ride a Success

Couple enjoying bicycle ride in a parkYour first ride is often the most intimidating. You are crossing into new and unknown territory. Your lack of general knowledge, know-how and experience makes the first ride even more nerve racking. Well, there’s no need to fear. Read these tips. Also, remember there’s nothing wrong with taking it slow and steady to get started.

Give it Your Best Shot

It’s your first time out. So, start at a slow to moderate pace and work up. Don’t try to project your goals or advance to fast. Make sure you have developed a strong foundation of skills and fitness before you tackle the most advanced rides.

Ask Questions

If you don’t understand the lingo and you have no idea what someone means when they tell you to “upshift” – ask! It’s all part of learning a new sport and the language that comes with it so don’t be embarrassed.

Express Concerns

If you’re worried about traffic, being left behind or wearing the proper gear just ask. Maybe you just need advice on what kind of bike to buy. Maybe you need to ask what accessories are right for you. Again, just ask. A friend, a local bike club, or a bike shop will be more than willing to point you in the right direction.

Stay off the Road

If you’re just learning to ride and still getting comfortable with longer distances, hand signals, or your bike stay off the road. Busy traffic only adds anxiety and an extra distraction can break your concentration. Get comfortable with a good position and get in the habit of looking 10 feet ahead of you. This will help you be more alert and aware.

You’ll become more comfortable with riding once you’ve done a few rides. You’ll be a pro in no time. Enjoy!



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Making Your First Ride a Success

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