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Sound Defense offers outdoor gear for the outdoor enthusiast and those whose professions keep them out in the elements. No one enjoys being on a jog or a bike ride only to be bombarded by a canine in hot pursuit. For individuals that work in fields that routinely take them outside, like postal workers or construction teams, aggressive canines can pose a potential risk. As much as furry friends can be a welcome sight and give a sense of companionship even to a stranger, it can be hard to determine the dog’s actual intent at first sight. This is why those who spend regular time outside lean towards purchasing a warning device.

For some time, outdoor gear relating to a canine warning device were sprays or ultrasonic devices. Sprays were much like pepper sprays that people use on other people, but for animals. Ultrasonic sound devices were intended to affect the range of sound that only an animal can hear in hopes that it will deter them from continuing pursuit. Both have their range of effectiveness, but they also had many hindrances. Sprays are exactly that, a spray; meaning that if it was released, there was always a chance that it could blow back in the user’s face and eyes. Precision was also a requirement. This meant taking eyes off the road ahead and focusing all the attention on the oncoming animal, requiring steadying the hands and ensuring that the user was close enough to effectively utilize the spray. However, when an animal is charging at an individual, they want their outdoor warning device gear to be readily available, deployable, and accurate.

The point or theory behind the ultrasonic system was that it would deter the animal without irritating the users hearing. One of the biggest issues with that system is ensuring that it is actually working since there is no audible sound being emitted. There was also a range of effectiveness that required the user to be fairly close to the animal for it to be successful. This can pose a hazardous risk, especially if the animal is aggressive and the device is not working.

This is where Sound Defense has gotten it right regarding outdoor gear. Two accessories are available to purchase as either a complete package or as an additional purchase. One is a utility holster which clips onto a belt or belt loop, and a bicycle attachment that can go on almost any part of the bike for easy access. Both products are helpful in ensuring that the warning device can be easy to find and use on outdoor gear of any kind.

The benefit to using Sound Defense products is their ease of use and accuracy. Its versatility and compatibility are why it is becoming a product of choice for those that enjoy being outside. There is no precision required when it is employed as it uses an audible tone that is repulsive to the canine, but also ensures that it is working since the user can hear it, and there are no harmful chemicals in use. When used in conjunction with the bicycle attachment or utility holster, it can go wherever the user goes.

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