Running Safety: 8 Items You Should Carry Every Time You Go Out

Make running safety a key consideration no matter the duration of your workout. Running is the ultimate cardiovascular activity. It burns calories, releases endorphins, and drastically strengthens your endurance. These benefits to your health have all been well documented. But there are some risks to running that can be addressed by what you have on you when you work out.

Staying prepared can make all the difference in the world in the event of an adverse situation.

Carry These Items to Boost Your Running Safety

Money and ID – Your wallet is big enough that you won’t lose it. But if it’s too big and clunky, you can always pull out the essentials to take with you. Try rubber banding a $10 or $20 bill around your identification. Your driver’s license is what first responders will look for in the event of an emergency. Money, of course, is necessary if you find yourself needing additional nourishment or first aid.

Phone – Accidents and injuries happen. No one leaves the house intending to pull a muscle or fall down. If you find yourself unable to press forward, your phone is the best option for getting the help you’ll need. This alone can make it one of the most valuable running safety tools you can carry. It can serve as a GPS system if you are running somewhere new. It can also serve as identification and offer basic health information if you have the iPhone health app filled out. It is a good idea to make sure someone at your house knows your running route, as well.

Aggressive Dog Deterrent – You really never know what kind of situation you’ll come across running. Most places have leash laws, but sometimes dogs can escape the home, and sometimes owners may still walk with their animal unleashed. A K9 aggressive dog deterrent such as Sound Defense might come in extremely handy. Spray deterrents often have blowback, especially in the wind. Air horns can explode in high temperature. Sound Defense can deter aggressive dogs without doing harm to the people or animals.

Sunscreen – If you run any length during the heat of the daylight hours, sunscreen can help protect your skin from burn. It’s always best to put some on before you leave, and carry it with you if you need to reapply.

Water – Sometimes running safety is as simple as keeping your body hydrated and in prime workout condition. No special sports drink can replace the benefits of water. Make sure that you have access to what you need to stay hydrated as you run.

Lighting or bright clothing – The secret to running safety in the dark is just being seen. Bright clothing, orange vests, or lighting can help alert cars, bikes or other pedestrians to the fact that you are there.

ID Bracelets – If you don’t want to risk losing your driver’s license while you exercise, wearing an ID bracelet can serve the same purpose. A quick ID can make all the difference in the quality of your medical care.

React Mobile Personal Safety – This is an app that allows runners to add family members who can track their path. It also gives the runner the option of asking for help if needed.

It’s important to keep running safety in mind every time you log more miles. Make sure you are prepared and have a great time on the trails and roads!