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Outdoor sport enthusiasts like bikers and runners have to always be on the lookout for aggressive dogs, as dog bites can cause serious, even permanent injury. While smaller dogs can be outrun or outpaced with a bit of effort, larger breed dogs will have no trouble catching up to runner or biker. In fact, picking up speed might make the animal even more aggressive by activating their prey drive. By the time a person has a chance to spot the dog, they will only have seconds to defend themselves, giving them one chance to deter the animal. Hikers, bikers and runners should make sure their one opportunity is easy to handle and highly effective.

Why do outdoor sport enthusiasts need to protect themselves?

Dogs are man’s best friend, and most of them mean no harm. Even when one begins giving chase, it may not be clear if the animal is aggressive, curious or friendly. The problem is that a biker or runner will probably not have enough time to make an accurate assessment of the situation, taking a gamble every time they deal with a chasing dog. Eventually, they will run into a dog that is primed to attack, and a dog’s jaws can cause massive injury. Crushed bones, excessive bleeding, nerve damage and infections are all common complications following a dog bite, all of which can result in permanent complications. For outdoor sport enthusiasts, these injuries may mean never being able to bike or run as well again.

How can outdoor sport enthusiasts deter aggressive dogs?

Many people believe they can handle an animal that’s acting aggressively, but there is a tendency to underestimate just how powerful an attacking dog can be. Large breed dogs are capable of bringing down an adult without much trouble, and once on the ground, they will often savagely attack a person’s neck and face. Yelling, clapping and acting threatening toward the animal will often set these dogs off even more, so something more substantial is needed.

Spray devices and ultrasonic devices are common choices for bikes and runners, as they can be engaged quickly. Spray devices deliver a substance that will irritate the dog’s eyes and nose, while an ultrasonic device uses tones beyond the human hearing range to startle and turn away the animal. However, spray devices are extremely difficult to aim and focus when there is wind present, and enough wind can completely neutralize the effectiveness of spray devices altogether. Sprays also have to be precisely aimed and are not effective outside of a small area. Ultrasonic devices are easier to manage, but their high frequency beam reduces their coverage area, so outdoor sport enthusiasts will need to maintain a steady hand while engaging these deterrent systems. With an aggressive dog bearing down, this is not easy.

Thankfully there is a product available that is unique among common deterrents. The Sound Defense is a device designed to be as easy to use as possible, and is even effective during wind or rain. The Sound Defense uses audible tones instead of ultrasonic frequencies, making it more effective and easier to aim. The use of audible frequencies is still not in wide use, as many believe that an ultrasonic device is naturally better. However, the frequencies used by this device are proving to be extremely effective, and more bikers and runners are switching to the Sound Defense as their preferred method of protection.

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