Dog Deterrent Repellent

Safe • Effective • Humane

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Sound Defense Aggressive Dog Deterrent Repellent Is Perfect For:

• Outdoor Enthusiasts – Whether you are running, camping, hiking, or just spending time outdoors, Sound Defense can help keep you safe from loose, aggressive dogs. And it can double as an emergency or distress signal.
• Outdoor Professionals – Mailmen, utility workers and other outdoor professionals spend time in unfamiliar neighborhoods all day. With an increasing pet population it makes sense to take a dog repeller. Sound Defense can help you stay safe as you work.
• Bicyclists – Sound Defense can double as a bike horn. It’s designed to deter, repel aggressive dogs, and can also alert others to your presence when you’re on two wheels. Take a look below to see our Bike Mount.
• General Safety – Are you active at night? Sound Defense serves as a high-volume alert system that can help keep you safe in urban areas, on college campuses or parking lots.

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