Product Comparison

Spray RepellantUltrasonic Deterrent
Overspray or BlowbackNo overspray or blowback to worry about.Overspray or blowback is a possibility.No overspray or blowback to worry about.
AimingDoes not require precise aim and offers a wide “Beam Angle”.Device aimed so that contents make contact with the dog.Does not require precise aim, but as frequency increases “Beam Angle” decreases.
Effects on the DogDoes not harm the dog when used as instructed.Contents are an irritant.Does not harm the dog when used as instructed.
Pet Owner ConcernsNo substance to clean off.Substance may be removed.No substance to clean off.
Weather ResistantRugged and weather resistant.Rugged and weather resistant.Various forms and products.
ExpiresNo contents to expire. Battery life over 1 hour. Normal use time is 2-15 Seconds.The use of a propellant in a product affects shelf life.No contents to expire. Battery life unknown.
Bike/Belt AttachmentProduct comes with a pocket clip, bike attachment and utility holster available.Bike attachment and holster available.Various products, but all options unknown.
OrientationFunctional in any orientation.Canister and dip tube assemblies are governed by orientation.Functional in any orientation.
Operability GaugeLow battery indicator light.Unknown.Some w/Indicator light to display in use operation, but all variations unknown.
ShapePerpendicular positioning of handle to top is conducive to safe use by cyclists.Orientation requirements limit positioning of canister in use.All shapes unknown.
ReusableReplace battery.Purchase new when spent.Replace battery.
PropellantNo propellant used.Propellants used in products.No propellant used.