Sonic Dog Repellent Deterrent by Sound Defense Aggressive Dog Deterrent The New Smaller & Lighter K9 Warning Device

$29.82 $25.34

Handheld Outdoor Dog Repeller for Personal Safety

Deter Aggressive Dogs / Dog Attacks with the Powerful Sound Signal Now Compact and Lightweight

REPELS CANINES: Alarming sound protects you and your family from aggressive dogs, coyotes & wolves
SAFE & HUMANE: Loud mid-range frequency sound warns attack animals to stay away without hurting them
NO HARMFUL SPRAY: Our propellant-free device means no irritants or chemical cartridge replacement, no blow back means no pepper spray in your eyes
LONG RANGE SOUND: Extended field projection repels a K9 up to 25 feet away with the press of a button
MULTI USE: Easy devices for men and women to use in the yard, or out for a run, bike ride, walk, or on the job for self defense




Sound Defense is your go-to protection against aggressive canines. Using patented technology, Sound Defense sends an audible signal into the sensitive hearing range of dogs, coyotes and wolves to keep them away from you and your family. With the simple press of a button, repel dogs from up to 25 feet to intimidate and turn away aggressive animals.


While keeping yourself and your loved ones safe, you’re also keeping animals from harm. The mid range frequency sound does all the work for you without any need to approach or engage mean dogs. Overwhelmed with the sound, they’ll slink away, allowing you safe passage on your morning walk, afternoon bike ride, or evening run.


Your Sound Defense warning device does not use any propellants, saving you from harmful blowback and any need to buy and replace expensive chemical cartridges. Instead, each device comes with a 9 volt battery. With each button press between 2 to 15 seconds, you’ll have at least 1 whole hour of continuous use for maximum protection.


No need to have perfect aim. Just hold the button and your handheld defender broadcasts its sound over a wide, effective field. That’s up to 25 feet of safe zone between you and any aggressive hound foolish enough to think about approaching you.


Your Sound Defense warning device excels as a dog deterrent, personal alarm, and distress signal audible to humans. Made of high impact plastic, it works in hot or cold temperatures.  It can be carried in hand  or in a pocket worn on the wrist or attached to your bicycle with an available mount. Perfect for people with outdoor jobs, as well as for walkers, runners, hikers, bikers, campers and more.

-Sound Defense Dog Deterrent & Personal Alarm -Deters Dogs from 25 Feet Away


-Includes 9 Volt Battery

-Dimensions: 4.5 in (H) x 2.5 in (W) | 4.9 oz

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