Sound Defense® – Bicycle Attachment and Utility Holster Set


Sound Defense Bicycle Attachment and Utility Holster set.
Made in USA

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Watch Sound Defense in Action

Quick Release Bicycle Attachment Demonstration

Sound Defense Bike Mount

•Quick release bicycle attachment keeps the K9 Warning Device in place over rough terrain. It can withstand a 6” curb drop.

•Bicycle attachment allows for attachment of the K9 Warning Device to the bicycle in various locations. The coupling will fit the receiving end in either direction which gives the rider many options for placement and easiest access.

•Hook and loop tape accommodates 3 inch to 12 inch circumferences. This ability to adjust size should accommodate most handlebars, crossbars, and down tubes. Once sized just cut off the excess.

Utility Holster

•Both Sides Formed to Allow Placement on the Left or Right.

•Sturdy Belt Clip to Firmly Hold Holster to Belt.

•Snap Closure.


Additional information

Weight0.69 lbs
Dimensions7 × 2.5 × 2.5 in

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