Sound Defense Dog Horn the V2 Personal Defender


  • •POWERFUL SOUND: Designed to stop dog attacks & fights without harm by triggering the flight response.
  • •LONG RANGE: Dog Defense to repel canines from up to 25 feet, no need to approach or engage mean dogs. Dogs, Coyotes, Wolves.
  • •NO SPRAY: No blowback from citronella, chemical or pepper spray dog repellents and no need for perfect aim.
  • •GREAT VALUE: 1 Battery = Over 1800 2 second blasts. No need for refill canisters or to replace empty or expiring cans.
  • •COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: Adjustable hand/wrist strap frees up hands & offers protection from accidental drops. Only 4.5 x 2.5 inches & weighs less than 5 oz.
  • •MULTIUSE: Extra loud alarm that can be heard from 3/4 miles away calls for help & can be used for emergency / safety air horn, survival whistle, bike horn to alert cars or pedestrian, and dog siren for outdoor nuisance barking
  • •NO SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS: Ships to all 50 states +internationally for easy air travel. CE Certified.
  • •EXTRA LOUD SONIC DOG REPELLER: You can hear the difference with the super loud, True110 db of the blasting sonic force. Lower decibel level on operator side for improved safety.
  • •Great for: Walking, running, bicycle ride, hiking, camping, dog walking and on the job for self defense. A must-have Dog Deterrent Device.

Safe ● Effective ● Humane | Heavy Duty & Weather Resistant | 9 Volt Battery Included | ISO Certified Facility

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Sound Defense Dog Horn V2 Personal Defender

REPELS CANINES: Sound Defense uses a powerful sound signal you can hear developed and patented by a Canine Behavior Specialist to trigger the flight response in dogs. Watch the video of live attacks above (these aren’t passive dogs being shooed off), to see Sound Defense in action.

LONG RANGE SOUND: No need to have perfect aim. Just point in the dog’s direction, hold the button, and your sonic dog repeller broadcasts its sound over a wide, effective field. That’s up to 25 feet of safe zone between you and any aggressive hound foolish enough to think about approaching you. Our battery powered airhorn for dogs has a long battery life. You’ll have over 1800 2 second blasts, before the 9-volt battery may need to be replaced. Plus, the super loud horn can be heard from 3/4 miles away for emergency signaling.

SAFE & HUMANE: While keeping yourself and your loved ones safe, you’re also keeping animals from harm. The loud mid-range frequency sound does all the work for you without any need to approach or engage mean dogs. Overwhelmed with the sound, they turn away or back off, allowing you safe passage when out for a morning walk, afternoon cycling, or jogging in the evening.

NO SPRAY: Sound Defense is designed to be a dog attack defense product that repels aggressive & threatening dogs with its powerful sonic blast that strikes right in canine’s sensitive hearing range. It does not use any chemical, citronella, dog pepper spray, or propellants, saving you from harmful blowback and any need to buy and replace expensive chemical cartridges. Instead, each battery powered dog air horn comes with a 9 volt battery. With each button press between 2 to 15 seconds, you’ll have over 1800 2 second blasts per battery.

WIDE EFFECTIVE FIELD: Our wide beam angle defense system gives users up to 25 feet of security. In the heat of the moment, you likely won’t have perfect aim, which is needed with dog attack spray deterrents. Don’t let panic-induced bad aim reduce your chances.

MULTI-USE: Designed for effectiveness, our long range device offers a mid-range pitched sound signal audible to animals and humans, which also makes this tool an ideal personal alarm distress signal for a variety of situations.

HANDHELD: Portable and functional Sound Defense aggressive dog repellent device makes a great addition to runners, cyclists, walkers, and hikers outdoor gear that’s designed to defend against dog attacks. Peace of mind for outdoor activities or on the job for dog self defense.

EXTRA LOUD HORN: You can hear the difference with the super loud, true110 dB of the blasting sound force. Lower decibel level on operator’s side for improved safety.

Safe ● Effective ● Humane | Heavy Duty & Weather Resistant | 9 Volt Battery Included | Propellant-Free | 4.5 in (H) x 2.5 in (W) | 4.9 oz

The Sound Defense Personal Defender is designed for dog attack protection that offers easy functionality. Made of high quality, high impact plastic for hot & cold temps, our dog defense device is small enough to be securely carried in your hand; it can be kept in your pocket, worn on your wrist, or attached to a bicycle with the bike mount. The multipurpose aggressive dog deterrent sound can be used as a personal alarm, bicycle horn and will never slow you down.

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