Sound Defense® K9 Warning Device – Aggressive Dog Deterrent


  • •Handheld Dog Deterrent – Dogs, Coyotes, and Wolves
  • •Works from up to 25 feet away and has a wide effective field
  • •Safe and easy to use, humane
  • •No Blowback or Overspray means no Chemical in your Eyes

The Sound Defense K9 Warning Device is a humane dog deterrent used by cyclists, walkers, runners and professionals around the world.  It is designed to repel aggressive dogs by emitting an audible sound that is an alarming, intimidating and overwhelming signal for the dog.  The sound signal is in dogs sensitive hearing range.

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Sound Defense K9 Warning Device

A Safer Ride, A Safer Walk, A Safer Run, A Sound Defense

Signal Specifically Designed for a Dog: Sound focuses in on the sensitive hearing range of dogs.

Fully audible and loud: You know when it’s on, and it might alert others to the situation.

Chemical free: No blowback or over spray.

Can be used from a distance: Doesn’t require the close contact necessary with physical threats.

•Easily operated: Doesn’t require precise aim– wide “Beam Angle”.

•Humane: Doesn’t harm the dog when used as directed.

•Convenient: Sound Defense is lightweight, compact, easily attaches and detaches from your belt or bike.

•Reliable: Holds up to rough handling, weather resistant, and durable.

•Safe: Designed to help bicycle and recumbent bike riders, fitness walkers, and runners/joggers keep a safe distance from a pursuing dog. It is functional in any orientation. Cyclists can use Sound Defense without taking their eyes off the road ahead.

•Re-usable: The device is battery operated, there are no contents to expire, and no propellant is used.

The Sound Defense K9 Warning Device offers patent pending technology in a handheld dog repellent of high impact plastic that emits a very loud, audible signal. The signal is specifically designed for a dog. The sound focuses in on a dog’s sensitive hearing range. The Sound Defense K9 Warning Device has been formed to allow for easy access and use. It includes a pocket clip, and there is a bicycle attachment or utility holster for sale separately. The Sound Defense K9 Warning Device is designed to help people who ride a bicycle or recumbent bike, walk or run to keep a safe distance from aggressive dogs. The electronic dog deterrent device can be safely used by cyclists. The L shaped housing offers cyclists the ability to point the device at the approaching dog while keeping eyes on the road ahead. The Sound Defense K9 Warning Device operates in any orientation. It can be used in the upside down position. Normal use time is 2-15 seconds providing many uses. There is a low battery light to indicate when battery should be changed. 9V Battery included.

Sound Defense K9 Warning Device Size:
Height: 6.6 inches
Width: 4.2 inches
Weight: 7 ounces

Additional information

Weight.625 lbs
Dimensions7 × 4 × 3 in

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